Marble nails…sort of

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I guess most of you have already seen how The Nailsaurus Sammy invented the easiest marble nails technique for us (video tutorial here). Basically she paints one coat of white on her nails, then she paints out some white on a plastic surface, drops some grey and black polish next to it, then draws some lines into the white with the darker shades using a toothpick. Then she picks up the random pattern with a stamper and stamps it on her nails – and voilá easy-peasy genius marble nails for everyone. As soon as I saw the tutorial, I had to try it, I was done with the manicure above in half an hour.

It’s a brilliant technique, you really need to try it, if you don’t have superpowers, but you like marble nails. :)

I followed the same method with today’s manicure, but I sort of savaged it: instead of placing the drops of colours next to the white polish, I dropped them into it randomly. (Btw I used Colors by Llarowe stamping polihses, Turq’d and Enchanted Forest.) Then I smirred and picked them up with the stamper and placed the “design” onto the nails. I worked on one nail at a time and I stamped every nail multiple times, until the stamper was completely clear.

It’s not very academic, but it did work out just fine. :)


IMG_6135 IMG_6144 IMG_6141

And you have endless possibilites with this technique: you can use pastels and neons, apply a colourful or black base or use vinyls before stamping, just to give it another twist. And you can top it off with a holo top coat or even glitters, you can stamp or draw or even watermarble on it….so yeah, it has some potential, we sure won’t be bored this summer. :)

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