Masura magnetic nail art

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I’m so trying not to use magnetic polishes all the time, that I always end up not using them…at all. And that’s just not right. :) So now I used two of them to balance things out. First I applied the black Masura base – so that we know if it’s any good, then I painted one coat of Ruby Temptation over it. Once it was kind of dry, I applied a second coat, then I immediately added a couple of brush strokes across the nail with both Ruby Temptation and the Purple Angel.

They dragged the black base a little bit, but somehow it made the manicure even more cool. Then I applied one magical coat of ILNP My Private Rainbow (X) over it and added some stamping with Colour Alike Kind Of Black and I used a geometric plate from a Nicole Diary (ND-108).

The stamping plate worked perfectly, I totally recommend checking out the brand, they have very affordable and fun plates. :) However the black Masura base is totally unnecessary, it’s nothing else, but a moderately pigmented black creme.

To be honest I didn’t expect that these new kind of magnetic polishes will attract me for so long, but I’m still in love with them, it’s so easy to do great manicures with them. *_*


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