Cupcake Polish x Nailland – Shuttle Ride

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Nope, unfortunately I’m not back yet, still I wanted to show you the latest addition to my polish family, this time a collaboration with Cupcake Polish and Nailland. Let me present you: Shuttle Ride.

The inspiration behind this shade was without doubt Jubilee, I wanted to recreate its crazy holo, but this time put multichrome microglitters in it instead of the silver flakes. Sara was an angel and she got just right what I had in my mind: an insane silver holo with the most amazing green-blue-purple microglitters. *_*

Here are some photos with my usual set up:

And some in natural light:

I applied it in two coats (a peel off base is strongly suggested – the glitters are quite stubborn) and I made the surface of the nails smooth with two coats of top coat.

The name was – yet again – inspired by space travel, hence Shuttle Ride. :) In my mind, the liftoff of a mighty space shuttle has the same kind of energy as this polish when the sun hits it. *_*


I can’t tell you how amazing and unbelievable it feels to be able to wear one of my dreams on my nails (I guess this is as close as I’ll ever get to space travel :D), I can only hope that you’ll like it, too. :)

Shuttle Ride is a Nailland exclusive, you can order it only from here and it costs 12,90 euro.

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