New piCture pOlish shades + comparisons

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New piCture pOlish shades!!! You know that I’m obsessed with the brand, so I’m always very excited when new shades launch, but this time it’s even more exciting, because I have a small announcement: I became the official “comparison girl” for piCture pOlish. Meaning that I’ll get the new shades in advance, so that I can compare them with already existing shades, so that you can decide more easily whether you need them. (*dancing emoji*)

This time we have 6 new shades, all of them blogger collaborations. Let’s jump into the swatches, shall we?


2001 was created in collaboration with a Belgian stockist, The Nailista Shop. It’s a lighter blue-ish grey with scatter holo. (2 coats)

L-R: 2001, Mishap, 2001, Winter – attention grey-fans, they all are different. ;)


Copper Field

Copper Field is very dear to me, because one of my favourite French Instagrammers, Laura (laura_vgp) created it. She’s always been famous by her love for copper and now she (and us too) can wear the perfect shade of it on her nails. The polish has a very similar finish as Magic, meaning that it’s a duochrome metallic with scatter holo. It flashes pink, gold and even some orange and bronze, it’s extremely versatile. <3 (2 coats)

L-R: Magic, Copper Field, Bohemian – I wish I could do a gradient with them, but I’m afraid they’re just not pigmented enough.


And here it is next to F.U.N. Lacquer x Sveta Sanders Triumph (L-R: Triumph, Copper Filed, Triumph) They are quite different, as you can see – I mean from a NPA point of view. :)



My absolute favourite of the bunch is Mossy. *_* It was created by a Russian Instagrammer, Sasha (Sasshhaaaa). Its name describes it perfectly: Mossy is a moss green jelly scatter holo. It has some golden sheen to is and it has such a depth with such a glow! It’s unbelievable beautiful. *_* (2 coats)

L-R: Kryptonite, Mossy, Mallard, Mossy – oh my heart, oh these greens. *_*



Sisters‘ mom is an American blogger Emiline (Nail Polish Society). It’s a grey to brown to purple, ot let’s just call it a dark mauve, scatter holo. It’s the perfect fall/winter nude, I’m totally in love with it. *_* (2 coats)

L-R: Cherish, Sisters, Merge – that’s what I call a nude rainbow. :):)



Superior was created with Jess from the JessFACE90 YouTube channel. Her videos are very helpful, she usually swatches entire collections, so that we can see the formula and the consistency of the shades. Her polish is a dusty blue scatter holo. (2 coats)

L-R: Swagger, Superior, Bluebird, Superior – okay even I don’t think that they’re all must haves. :) (Some of you have asked me on Instagram, so I’ll make a comparison with Superior + Gaia + Alice too.)



My other big favourite is Talisman, the polish that Tanya, a super talented Russian blogger, created. It is a gorgeous black scatter holo, that is so deep and so sparkly! I have quite a few similar polishes, but Talisman is the most beautiful of them all. *_* (2 coats)

L-R: Badass, Talisman, Darcy, Talisman. I plan to compare Talisman to Dance Legend Gothic Veil and Zoya Storm too, so stay tuned! :)


And here they are again:

All six of the them has a wonderful quality, it’s so easy to apply them, and they are so shiny! *_* The polishes are already available at piCture pOlish and their stockists, like Nailland Hungary.

How do you like the new shades? :)

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  • Naildith - 2016-09-26 - 14:14

    Congrats on your comparison job ;) these posts are very helpful. I have to say that these shades aren’t my favorites (unfortunately). But I really love Mossy. Gorgeous swatches as always though :)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2016-09-27 - 14:26

      Thank you so much! :) I agrre that Mossy is the most special. :)ReplyCancel

  • Tanya Wish - 2016-09-26 - 20:43

    Thank you Edina!
    Your swatches are beautiful as always! )ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2016-09-27 - 14:26

      Thanks you so much Tanya! And congratulations again on Talisman, it is p e r f e c t i o n. *_*ReplyCancel

  • Nail Polish Society - 2016-09-27 - 00:32

    Your swatches are amazing! I love all the comparisons too! <3ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2016-09-27 - 14:28

      Thank you so much Emiline! And congratulations on you collab shade, it’s amazing! :)ReplyCancel

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