piCture pOlish nail arts

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Sometimes no matter how hard I try, I just can’t channel my inner creative self and my mind goes blank and we all know that blank is not a very interesting kind of nail art. But luckily there are times when some nail art ideas just hit me out of the blue and I just can’t wait to do them.

The firts nail art I wanted to show you today has a white base with some PP Meow, Escapades, Autumn and Spring dry brush over it. Then I stamped it with the flawless Colour Alike black stamping polish and Moyou Tropical 10.


A day later I wanted to change “into” something more simple, so I created this french manicure gradient with PP Bright White and Twinkle.


Now that I’m writing this post, I just realized that I got some uber cute kitty nail stickers from my friends a while ago, I really should use them next….I guess over PP Freya’s Cats, right? :)

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