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Are you ready?

But seriously: are you ready? *_*

The dramatic intro is more than justified, because Cirque Colors launched one of the most beautiful collections ever. I know I probably said that like a hundred times, but what can I say, I have a very big heart and I’m totally able to be in love with lots of polishes at the same time.

The Facets collection has 6 jelly polishes with sparkling holo microflakies. I applied them in 2 coats (except Morganite which was 3), they have a very decent pigmentation. And they have a perfect formula: not too thick, nor too runny, they’re very easy to apply. And as a matter of fact their removal is a piece of cake too, since the flakies don’t stick to the nails.

Morganite (LE)

For the girliest girls out there, here’s Morganite with an unthinkable sparkle.

Garnet (LE)

And for those vampier souls, we have Garnet which is the perfect femme fatale burgundy.

Smoky Quartz (LE)

The black Smoky Quartz is quite badass too, and it has the most holo effect – well, not on my pics, but I’ll link other bloggers’ posts at the end to prove that. :)

Tanzanite (LE)

One of my absolute favourites (to everyone’s greatest surprise I imagine :)) is Tanzanite, an incredibly bold and vivid indigo blue leaning blurple.

Dioptase (LE)

And my other favourite (yes, shocker, I like the blue and the teal the most :D) is Dioptase, one of the most beautiful teals in the world. Everything should be this teal. *_*

Paraiba (LE)

And finally we have Paraiba, not a typical fall/winter shade, but it’s easy to forget when you see this gorgeous turquoise.

Annie, the genius behind Cirque, was inspired by a gemstone exposition to create these shades and if you take a look at Pshiiit Camille’s post, you’ll see how very perfectly Annie captured the shades of the stones. *_* I don’t think I’ll be using the two lighter shades a lot until spring, but the four darker ones will be on my nails lots of times. I like their depth so much, that a few days ago I applied Garnet, then I stamped over it, then I was horrified how the stamping covered the base colour, so I had to remove the whole mani and apply just the base on its own. :) <3

The polishes are already available at the Cirque Colors webshop, or at stockists. Which ones are your favourites?

Oh and DANGER DANGER this is a limited edition collection, meaning that once they’re gone, there’s almost no chance for them to ever come back. So don’t think, don’t hesitate, don’t take your time: order them (I mean if you like and need and can afford them). Maybe you’ll regret it at the end of the month, and maybe I’m the worst financial adviser (well, that’s not a maybe, but a solid fact), but NPAness oblige.

Don’t forget to check the shades at LauraMetka and Valesha. :)

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