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Exactly one year ago I posted about the Il Etait Un Vernis Grand Crus polishes and today I’ll show you this Fall’s new colours in the Back To School collection. We have 5 shades – as always, all of them have great formula and very good coverage, some of them are so pigmented, they cover perfectly in one coat.

Is It Monday Yet?

Is it Monday Yet? is an espresso brown with silver flakies and warm brown/copper shimmer. This polish had me at ‘espresso’, anything coffee related is a must have for me now that the days are getting shorter and the air is getting colder. (2 coats)

Teach Me Tonight

Teach Me Tonight has an ink blue base, but it’s so full of pink shimmers, that it almost never looks blue. Actually it reminds me of Chanel Taboo – they both have this insane depth that makes me crazy. Crazy, because they’re so beautiful, but crazy, because they look much more interesting in the bottles than on the nails. – said the girl who since then wore this polish two times already, because it’s simply magical. (p e r f e c t coverage in one coat)

Field Trip Fun

Field Trip Fun is a greyish purple with some brown undertones and has tons of copper flakies in it! *_* It looks so delicate and feminine, but it’s so badass because of the flakes. (2 coats)

Wild And Free

Wild And Free is a muted, greyish blue with flakies that are a bit warmer than the base colour. The overall effect of the polish feels like a rainy, foggy day that is somehow still not cold and unpleasant, but has some wamth to it. (2 coats)

My Area Of Expertise

My Area od Expertise is yet another gorgeous IEUV teal. I simply don’t understand how they have a mindblowing teal in almost every single collection without repeating themselves. *_* It has some pink flakies in it which gives an interesting edge to the polish. (a true one coater)

IEUV suceeded again in creating so exciting shades! None is them is usual or boring, they all have something more to them, that makes them so much fun to wear – because obviously it feels good to reach for some darker shades during this unpleasant weather (at least here in Hungary it’s so cold and it has been raining for a couple of days), but it’s even better to apply something that reminds us that Fall can be way more than fog and rain. :) (I’m in dire need of some sunshine, if it wasn’t obvious enough. :D)

My personal favourites are the teal and the Chanel dupe one (btw I checked and they’re not dupes actually, however they are pretty similar), but I’m pretty sure that sooner or later I’d buy all of them. :)

The polishes are already available, here are all the stockists where you can find them. :)

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  • Valentina - 2016-10-06 - 13:56

    Teach Me Tonight ❤❤❤ I’d wear it all autumn.)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2016-10-07 - 07:54

      :) I’m not surpsised that you like it so much, it’s magical! *_*ReplyCancel

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