A few Golden Rose shades

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Since Golden Rose is easier and easier to get in Hungary – now that they are available in Müllers and Marionnauds – I got the chance to show you some of their polishes. We have three bigger sizes with the Rich Color, Ice Chic and Color Expert polishes, and a mini version with the Wow! line.

GR – Ice Chic 12

The Ice Chic line has a new type of square bottle, but that’s the only difference I noticed with the polishes. The No. 12 mauve is easy to apply and covers in 2 coats.

GR – Wow! 16

The Wow! bottles only contain 6 ml of nail polish, but I think that it’s usually enough of a colour. I really like that the caps have the same shade as the polishes, it makes the tiny bottles look like candy. No. 16 is a soft pink with tiny shimmers. (2 coats)

_mg_6054 _mg_6052

GR – Rich Color 21

The Rich Color creme polishes are a long time favourites for me, they are inexpensive and have a really nice quality. This classic red is easy to apply and covers in 2 coats.

_mg_6060 _mg_6056

GR – Color Expert 32

And now let’s see the star of the show! *_* This Color Expert 32 could easily be a very expensive indie polish, it’s so gorgeous! It has a deep burgundy base with purple, orange and pink colour shifting flakes. *_* (2 coats)

_mg_6068 _mg_6070

I mean….seriously. *_* *_* *_*


So it still applies: if you need some cheaper polishes that have very good quality, then you can always count on Golden Rose. :)

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  • Valentina - 2016-11-04 - 23:20

    Wow, the last one is crazy beautiful!!!
    I like Golden Rose, it’s a great quality for a reasonable price.ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2016-11-11 - 10:09

      Thank God, we have some cheaper, but just as beautiful options too!:)ReplyCancel

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