Polish Molish x Femme Fatale (+ Masura)

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Let’s start this week with some new exclusive shades at Polish Molish. They collaborated with Femme Fatale and Masura too, se we have 4 beautiful polishes to talk about. :)


Azurehunter has a light blurple base with red shimmer, holo microglitter and lots of blue-green multichrome flakies. Sometimes it’s bluer, other times it’s rather purple – it’s actually quite difficult to describe it. Although I would never put these colours in the same nail polish bottle, this polish looks pretty amazing. (3 coats)

Make Way For Your Queen

Make Way For Your Queen has a brownish-burgundy base with blue and black holo microglitters and shredded and rectangular red-orange glitters. The glitters glow in the darker base, it’s so beautiful! (3 coats)

You Only Live Ice

You Only Live Ice is a teal-blue with shredded and rectangular copper glitters and copper holo microglitters. Well, I won’t surprise you if I say that it’s right up my alley. :) (3 coats)

Surprisingly it was very easy to apply all of them, although I had feared that they will be a struggle. The flakies and the glitters spread on the nails nicely and evenly and the surface wasn’t gritty after two thin layers of top coat.

As an added bonus, we have a Masure store exclusive too:

The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn

I didn’t know that Masura makes store exclusives, but maybe it’s just me living in a cave. The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn is a very pigmented black holo with smaller and bigger gold glitters. I had to fish for the larger glitters, but that wasn’t such a big deal. (2 coats)

The polishes are available at the Polish Molish webshop, take a look at other polishes too, I can’t recommend enough to try some Ginger Polish shades, they are so beautiful and so inexpensive (compared to other indies). ;)

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  • Paula - 2017-04-11 - 00:22

    They are all gorgeous!!! And beautiful swatches, as alwaysReplyCancel

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