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So I got the chance from Rossmann Hungary to review some Sally Hansen polishes and here are the shades I chose: we have a basic nude (Bare Dare), a hot girly shade (Kook A Mango), a spring-y mint (Mintage) and a shocking blue (Tidal Wave).

Let’s start with the Miracle Gel shades. I used their Miracle Gel Top Coat to for the absolute experience.


Mintage is a tad bluer than I thought, but it’s still a very fun shade for spring. It covers in 2 easy coats, since it has a very good formula.


Bare Dare

Bare Dare is not my typical nude, since I rarely go for a warmer nude shade with my almost yellow complexion. To my greatest surprise it didn’t look awful at all on me though. :) However it was not love at first sight, since I needed 3 coats for an even coverage.


Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave was a really nice surprise since I only chose the other 3 shades, but they wanted to send me a blue one too, because they know it’s my favourite colour. <3 It was quite opaque and though I needed 2 coats for my longer nails, it might cover shorter nails in one coat. And it’s such a CRAZY blue, it actually reminds me of Chanel Vibrato.


Kook A Mango

The coral-y red Kook A Mango is the only shade I chose from the Complete Salon Manicure line (that promises 10 days without chipping – well I can’t really prove, neither disprove that, I’d probably die if I couldn’t change my nail colour for 10 days lol :D). It covers in 2 coats and has a great formula.


There’s an interesting feature about the Sally Hansen brushes, but maybe it’s just me imagining things: so their brushes are wide and flat, but they aren’t symmetrical, meaning that one side is more rounded and the other is rather square – making them perfect for every cuticle forms.

I also liked the Miracle Gel Top Coat, because it’s very shiny, but I wouldn’t go for it, if I’m in a hurry, since it’s not the fastest drying top coat ever.

You can get Sally Hansen polishes now in Rossmann drugstores too in Hungary (webshop) or check out HERE where they’re available internationally.

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