Different Dimension – 90’s trio

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Different Dimension recently released a new trio, this time with three neon shades. The brand tells us, that these are specifically made for nail art (watermarble, stamping), but they can be used on their own too in 2 or 3 coats. Well, this sentence made me lift my eyebrows hard, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that I should stamp with a polish that’s just not pigmented enough.

I tried all 3 shades on their own and I did need 3 coats for an even coverage. Fact is I didn’t even try to stamp with them, but I did try to dot them on a black base and they just didn’t cover. And we all know that when you dot a polish, it goes on thicker compared to when you stamp with it.

The set contains three shades: a neon yellow, a neon blue and a neon pink. All of them are actually more vibrant, check them HERE.




And even if you need some regular neon shades, only for painting your nails, these three wouldn’t be my first suggestion. Cirque has incredibly amazing neons with perfect formula, and unfortunately these were kind of gloopy. It’s so hard for me to say these negative things, because DD is one of my favourite brands, but this trio is just a nay for me. :/

The only nail art I did succeed to do was this one below. I put a star(?) shaped vinyl on the black base and filled up the edges with Dope. You can see how thick the yellow part had to be so that it cover the base.

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