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A few weeks ago ILNP surprised us all with the very unexpected launch of the Real Magic collection with 8 multichrome multiflakie topper. When I first saw the swatches I wasn’t blown away, but they gradually grew on me, so I pre-ordered the whole collection. A few days later though ILNP asked me if I wanted them to send the collection to me, so I finally cancelled my pre-order, but the main thing is that I was SO ready to spend my money on them, because I liked them very much way before seeing them in person.

I applied them in one coat over a black base.

Abyss & Moonstone

On my index and ring finger you can see Moonstone, and on the other two there’s Abyss. Moonstone has blue and purple microflakies, Abyss is mostly blue.


Head Start & Renegade

I applied Renegade on my index and ring finger and you can see Head Start on the other two. Renegade is much more cool, it has green, blue and purple in it, Head Start is much warmer, the green in it is more on the yellow side and it even has gold in it.

Limitless & Mile High

With Limitless and Mile High we yet again have a cooler and a warmer one, but this time we also have pink in the polishes. On my littlefinger and middle finger you can see Limitless, it has a very bright grass green along with the pink, while Mile High has more teal-y greens in it and some purple too.

Scarlet & The Alchemist

On my index and ring finger I have The Alchemist with its bright oranges and greens and on the other two fingers you can see Scarlet with the most beautiful red, burgundy and pink shades you’ve ever seen. *_*

Luckily I like them just as much – if not more – in person as on the first few pics. I enjoyed applying and shooting them so much, because they just look like perfection from every angle. If I had to choose a favourite or favourites, then I’d say Scarlet, Mile High, Head Start and Moonstone …so basically half of the collection. :D

You can change the base colour to anything and the toppers will always look different, but I prefer them on darker ones. They would look more vibrant in two coats and they can spice up a nail art like no other. Can’t wait to have enough time to discover their full potention. *_*

If I had to buy them again, now that I saw them, I’d totally do it. <3 They just have a vibe that I’m dying for.

You can purchase them at the ILNP webshop, or at stockists. like Hypnotic Polish or Nailland.

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  • Paula - 2017-08-09 - 14:49

    OMG this collection is soo gorgeous! I particularly love the mattified versions :)ReplyCancel

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