New piCture pOlish shades + comparisons

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Yesterday evening piCture pOlish revealed their six new collaboration shades….FINALLY! I mean I had them for a couple of weeks now and I was SO crazy excited about them, I couldn’t wait to show them to you. Six beautiful, bright, fall shades…I couldn’t ask for more.

I applied all of them in 2 coats, their formula and quality is perfection.


Foxy (by Anna) is a burnt orange scatter holo – if there is an ultimate fall shade, this is it.


Mythical (by Roselynn) is a purple jelly scatter holo with some blue sheen. I’m a big fan of these bright, yet dark purples, they make the scatter holo shine like crazy.


Macaron (by the amazing Laetitia) is an amazing mix of red and pink…well I guess this is what we call raspberry. It’s such a glowing polish, it reminds me of Bridget in that aspect. And it looks even cooler in real life. <3<3<3


Dragon (by Olya) is a beautiful wine brown jelly scatter holo. I’m totally in love with it, I could not for the life of me tell if I love its colour or quality better. *_*


Forest (by Maria) is a forest (duh) green jelly scatter holo with gold hex glitters. Those who have been reading the blog for some time would tell that I’m not a big fan of glitters, BUT this polish sold them even to me. I mean I’d obviously prefer it without the glitters, but I also love it just as it is right now.


Riviera (by the sweet Sabrina) is an amazing azure blue jelly scatter holo. I don’t really need to say anything more: you know me, if it’s a blue, then I’m all in! *_*

I wish I could tell you that I don’t love all of them, so that I wouldn’t seem to be totally biased with PP, but I can’t. I mean, look at them, they look SO awesome! If I could use them and only them until Christmas season, I’d be totally happy. <3 Do you have any faves in here too? ;)

The polishes are available at piCture pOlish and stockists, like Nailland.


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  • Sakura - 2017-09-04 - 11:14

    Hello, so happy to see it on your perfect nails <3 <3ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-09-20 - 09:15

      <3 So happy to wear such a perfect polish!! :):) <3ReplyCancel

  • Nail Crazinesss - 2017-09-04 - 13:52

    Dragon looks like sparkling Coca-Cola :) I think this one is my fav. Very rare colour ;)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-09-20 - 09:15

      Omg you are SO right! :D:DReplyCancel

  • ule - 2017-09-04 - 17:47

    They look very pretty all together, but separately they don’t impress me much. I find some of the older comparison shades prettier :)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-09-20 - 09:16

      Well, I often think the same, because PP always made so pretty polishes. :)ReplyCancel

  • C. Fredlev - 2017-09-04 - 19:44

    I would have liked to see Mythical compared to Muse and Forest compared to Hercynia. Maybe Dragon against Sisters and/or Remember? The other comparisons were spot on though, and flawless as always.!ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-09-20 - 09:19

      Thank you so much! :):)
      Actually there’s a comparison with Muse and Mythical. :) And Hercynia and Forest are pretty different and Dragon and Sisters/Remember are too, I always try hard to find the closest matches.ReplyCancel

  • Savannah - 2017-09-04 - 22:04

    Your pictures are PERFECTION *-* And the polishes are so beautiful, I ordered all of them but Mythical and Riviera are definitely my favourites :)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-09-20 - 09:19

      Thank you SO much!!!! :) <3
      Well, good for you, I hope you'll like them irl too! :)ReplyCancel

  • Laura Lackschaft - 2017-10-09 - 09:59

    I just ordered forest. It is the perfect shade for autumn.ReplyCancel

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