Colors by Llarowe – Winter 2017

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There are so many indie brands, but we all have our favourites, the special ones that are closest to our hearts. Colors by Llarowe has been one of my ultimate faves for years now and their Winter 2017 collection doesn’t change that either. On the contrary.

The collection has 6 shades and to spoil the whole post right away: I’m in love with 3 of them and I like 3 very much.

Figgy Pudding

Figgy Pudding is a darker grape jelly with holo flakies. Yum. (2 coats)

Layer Cake

Layer Cake is a sheer purple jelly with copper/green/orange/purple flakies. You can use it on its own in 3-4 coats, I myself tried also, but didn’t like it, so I used it as the brand also suggested: layered over something else. My base was a simple black cream and they looked aweseome.

Plum Ready For Summer

Plum Ready For Summer is a glowing magenta/purple holo that looks like some luxurious velvet. (2 coats – but it covers even the darkest souls in only one coat)

Topaz Fire

Topaz Fire is a true blurple (although it leans more purple than irl on my pics) with the same cozy and snuggly holo effect. (2 coats, but one would have been more than enough.)

Mean Mr. Grinch

One of my absolute favourites is Mean Mr. Grinch. It’s a darker green that can shift into a copper when the lights hit it the right way. And it has a lot of sparkly flakies, that make the polish twinkle. *_* (2 coats, but this one is also very pigmented)

Parade Of Lights

Parade Of Lights is magic. *_* It’s SO beautiful. When I first saw it in the bottle, I was awestruck for loooong minutes, I couldn’t help, but staring at it. It’s a dark multichrome, metallic-y teal shifting from a bright blue to green. And it has holo falkies in it, that look like tiny stars in a most beautiful universe ever. *_* (2 coats, but pigmented af)

So we have 2 magical “greens”, an amazing burgundy jelly, two linear holos that are beautiful, but not that exciting and a very interesting flakie topper. Not bad, right? :) My only concern is how stainy some of these shades might be. Since most of them are crazy pigmented, I’d recommend to always wear a base coat under them.

But how about you, guys? Any favourites? :)

You can order them from Llarowe or from stockists like Hypnotic Polish or Nailland.

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  • Moci - 2017-10-26 - 12:48

    Nekem a zöldek most valahogy nagyon nem, a pp free-vel teljesen boldog vagyok. A Figgy Pudding-ot talán ma kézhez kapom, viszont itt a képeiden eléggé megtetszett a Plum Ready For Summer, ó jaj, még csak hasonlóm sincs. Azt hiszem ezt sürgősen orvosolni kell! :)ReplyCancel

  • ule - 2017-10-26 - 18:22

    The last one is simply stunning *swoons* The flaky topper looks nice, too.
    Pinks and purples aren’t really my thing, though.ReplyCancel

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