Cirque Colors – Winter Collection

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Winter collections are always my favourites, it’s definitely my time of the year. Brands usually offer us very light, icy shades and dark, vampy ones at the same time – if you ask me it’s a double win for every nail polish addict.

Cirque Colors’ Winter collection consists of 6 shades, 2 vampy and 4 icy ones or from a different point of view: 4 new shades and 2 re-releases.

Coronation (LE)

One of the dark shades is a re-release of one of the most iconic nail polishes ever: Coronation. It was first launched in 2013 as a limited shade and people were going crazy about it. No wonder, may I say. It was quickly sold out and no perfect dupe was ever found to replace it. You can find some bottles of the original batch on eBay for $100 – this is how popular this polish became.

But now the unimaginable has happened and Cirque released their most sought after shade one more time. One more limited time, so be alert people!

Coronation is a violet jelly with glowing pink/orange/red shimmer and holo microglitters. It’s quite sheer, so you either apply it in 3 coats or layer it over another polish. I applied it in 3 coats.

I was totally freaking out when I first saw that I am holding a Coronation in my hands (yep, I’m one of those late-comers who missed the first launch), I have been craving for this polish for years. This is Christmas for me already. *_*

Glacier Blue (LE)

Glacier Blue is a beautiful thermo blue with a sparkly metallic foil finish. It darkens when it’s cold and becomes light when warm. (2 coats)

Hygge (LE)

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”, means: “cozy” in Danish) is very light, icy blue with a copper sheen and holo microglitters.

Prima Donna (LE)

Prima Donna is another sparkly thermo shade: it’s a beautiful white gold (warm) to rose gold (cold) metallic foil. (2 coats)


Rioja is one of the most saturated and sexy red linear holos I’ve ever seen. (2 coats)

Winter Bloom (LE)

The other big come-back of the season is Winter Bloom. It was first released last year, but became so popular that it’s brought back one more time. It’s a mint green jelly with a pink sheen and tons of sparkly holo microflakies. (2 coats)

The entire collection is just SO amazing! Coronation is life, Winter Bloom is a very exciting winter shade and the thermo polishes work so beautifully and have so amazing colours no matter they’re cold or warm. And they s p a r k l e.

And let me talk a bit about the 2 more “simple” shades too: Rioja is breathtakingly badass and Hygge is such an interesting and unbelievably angelic polish.

So yeah, I’m a big fan of the entire collection. This is why I’d like to repeat myself and tell you once again: these are limited edition polishes (except Rioja), if you fell in love with any of them: act while you can. :)

The polishes are available for pre-order HERE.

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