About me

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Hey guys,

I’m Edina, I’m a Hungary based nail blogger and NPA. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years and loving every moment of it. :) I write about nail polish in 98% of the time, but I do post about some random favourites or personal thoughts here and there.

I’ve always been a big nail polish fan, I’ve been painting my nails since I was 12. Though the polishes on the blog are mostly PR samples, I’m still a big polish-hoarder, so I guess we won’t be out of topics for a while. :)

My email is lakkomlakkom.blog@gmail.com, feel free to contact me about anything nail polish related.

Some polish favourites:

Favourite polish of all time: KBShimmer – Carpe Denim

Favourite black: Golden Rose – Rich Color 35

Favourite (off-)white: Sophin – Silk 357

Favourite top coat: Seche Vite

Favourite base coat: complicated, read it here

Favourite holo top coat: ILNP – My Private Rainbow (X)

My nail polish babies:

Well, that’s all for now, have a great day everyone! :)




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